Letter: Leslie Coolidge for Congress

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Letter to the Editor,

Leslie Coolidge, the Democratic candidate for Congress, is running against Peter Roskam, one of the truly gifted Republican candidates; he’s gifted with Republican money, with a social focus so narrow one could call it laser-like, with insight into women’s lives that allows him to justify controlling women’s choices, and with a sense of political responsibility that allows him to focus solely on attacking Obama to the exclusion (and detriment) of constituent needs.
What does Leslie Coolidge have to offer in the face of such gifts? 

Leslie’s approach is inclusive, not exclusive.  She is a thinker, a listener, and most of all, a doer.  Leslie’s is realistic when it comes to economic problems.  She’s a CPA with over two decades of experience, and she has an understanding of and respect for the complexity of today’s world.  Leslie also has a strong sense of responsibility to the individual, the cornerstone of all democracies.
One more thing, Peter appears not to want to debate, to talk about political realities.  Here the choice is quite clear, no talk from Peter or straight talk from Leslie.  Isn’t it time to support a candidate who will return that support?

Tony Harper

Lake Zurich


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