Letter From Friends of the Schools for Jefferson Referendum: 'Thanks, Best Wishes'

Co-chairs of Friends of the Schools—Say Yes Jefferson Early Childhood Center Referendum write following the results of the 2013 District 200 referendum for a new school.

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Dear District 200 Residents:

On behalf of the Friends of the School—Say Yes Jefferson Early Childhood Center Referendum, we wanted to extend our thanks and best wishes to everyone. 

To those who voted yes, thank you for your vote in support of Jefferson. Your engagement made a difference and helped change the conversation about our community significantly.

To those who went a step further and put a yard sign in your yard, posted a positive piece on your facebook, wrote a letter to the editor, publically endorsed, sent in a contribution and/or simply kept the Jefferson Referendum in your prayers, thank you so very much. The time, talent, treasure and positive energy you shared helped so much with the momentum of this campaign.   

To those who voted 'no' on the referendum, congratulations on the outcome.  We appreciate your feedback in the ballot box and look forward to talking with you about what would be an acceptable solution to update this school to meet its unique needs. 

We also wish to recognize the leadership of Dr. Brian Harris, Superintendent of Schools, and Mrs. Stephanie Farrelly, Principal of the Jefferson Early Childhood Center. Throughout the course of this endeavor, they worked tirelessly and with the spirit of cooperation to balance the best interests of District 200 students and with the best interests of the taxpayers. Brian Harris and Stephanie Farrelly are trustworthy and conducted themselves at all times with professionalism, responsiveness, humility and grace. 

Now that the referendum is over, District 200 will have to decide what to do with a school whose age, out dated or poor facilities and size no longer meets the needs of our students. Everything from bathrooms that are not ADA accessible to the teachers working in closets to overcrowded classrooms to heating and ventilation problems…the list is long of what needs to be fixed.

One of the reasons District 200 is such a great community to live and raise kids is the schools. We are an enlightened, well educated community who understands the difference education can have a person’s long term success and well being. As result, we choose to invest heavily in our schools.   

For this reason, the District 200 School Board will need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan that the taxpayers can approve to address the needs of Jefferson Early Childhood Education Center. If we don’t determine a plan to address the inefficiencies and inequities of Jefferson, one day the courts will determine it for us.

In closing, thank you again to the entire District 200 community for your engagement.  

With Heartfelt Appreciation,

Lisa and Dan Wagner


Friends of the Schools - Yes to the Jefferson Early Childhood Center Referendum


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