Letter: Electing Nybo is a Step in the Right Direction Toward a Financially Sound State

Nybo doesn't cater to special interest groups.

I am writing to endorse Chris Nybo as State Senator in the new 24th Senate District. 

As a former village trustee and York Township committeeman, I understand how important it is to have a person with integrity, character, energy and intelligence as one of our elected state leaders. Chris is the right person to represent our district, a person who will take a stand and make difficult decisions. 

When our district sent Chris as our representative in the Illinois House, he worked tirelessly for our interests and not those of special interest groups.  Chris stands for fiscal integrity, lower taxes and smaller yet responsive government. 

Our state is facing an unprecedented list of critical problems that if left unchecked will negatively affect all of us and our children for years to come.  Electing Chris Nybo to the State Senate is one good step in the direction of solving these problems.
—Ken Florey, Lombard    

Zeebe March 08, 2012 at 12:15 AM
I met Nybo at my door, and had an engaging 5 minute conversation with an extremely personable and dedicated young man who is sincere in his desire to serve the people, not his best interests........


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