Letter: Chris Nybo is the Candidate Who Can Meet Illinois' Challenges Head On

The state is drowning in debt and status quo is not working.

The state of Illinois is facing challenging and fiscally complex problems, from a crippling structural deficit, to the challenge of pension and Medicaid reform, and a hostile business climate.  The status quo is no longer a viable option. It is time for us to elect officials with political courage—the political courage to make the tough decisions necessary to put this state on a path toward addressing challenging issues head on. 

Chris Nybo is that candidate for the 24th Illinois Senate District. Chris Nybo is qualified, capable and has proven to be an individual with the political courage to make tough decisions in the best interest of his district and the state.     

We need a generation of fresh, independent voices in Springfield, not those focused on a career in government service. Chris Nybo has demonstrated the political courage to confront issues head on and disrupt the status quo by challenging the long-standing tradition of abuse surrounding tuition waivers, and workers compensation reform that inhibit job creation in the state. He has become a leader on the need to enact term limits. Term limits will make politicians more willing to make decisions in the interest of their constituents and the state, not special interests necessary to facilitate a career in government.      

Mr. Dillard has questioned Mr. Nybo's ability to stand up to Senate Democrats. His own record in this regard is questionable. The state is drowning in nearly $100 billion in debt that has accrued during Mr. Dillard’s Senate tenure since 1993. He is among many in Springfield who have failed generations of Illinois residents in the past and saddled future generations with debt.

It's time for a new voice representing the people of the 24th district. I believe we can count on Chris Nybo to be a new voice and an energetic member who will turn things around.
—Adam Klimek, Elmhurst


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