Homeowner: Senior Housing at Courthouse Square Would be "Inappropriate" Use of Space

A Courthouse Square homeowner writes his objections to the propose senior housing development at Courthouse Square in downtown Wheaton. To send a letter to the editor, email Charlotte@Patch.com.

Some supporters of the proposed senior living facility have suggested that owners are against seniors. We are not against seniors, as many of us qualify are seniors ourselves!
Our objection is that this massive commercial/institutional use is most inappropriate on this small 1.197 acre site. If you check out other senior housing developments, you’ll immediately notice that they are located on multi-acre sites separated from adjacent residential areas by parks and other passive recreational areas. In fact, under Wheaton’s zoning ordinance would require approximately a 5-acre lot as a standalone development.
Many city officials have told us this isn’t a zoning issue – some don’t care about zoning and land use at all. Those ordinances protect us and the City is contemplating abandoning those protections in the case of Courthouse Square.  The City officials think this is all about the TIF debt service shortfall.  So the City is contemplating a zoning decision that they would never make except for the dollars.  By the way, as of now, it’s the developer’s guaranty and the real estate tax increment being paid by the CHS residents that is funding the debt service on the bonds – the City’s general corporate funds haven’t been touched up until now.  This idea that the entire City is somehow supporting our luxurious life still is plain wrong.
We hope to see you at the Planning and Development Hearing this Tuesday, June 5.  Thank you.
Best regards,
Randy Nickell
Wheaton, IL

John Mihas June 04, 2012 at 08:59 PM
I feel bad for the residents, they city made a bad deal. In order to protect themselves and Airhart they want to change the terms. Wheaton lacks vision and leadership. Yes, Tom I have been to city council meetings.


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