Hey Mom and Dad, What Worries You Most About Your Children's Future?

Parents, Patch wants to hear from you on the questions that get families talking.

Welcome to "Hey Mom and Dad"—a weekly feature in which we ask our Facebook fans to share their views on parenting. Every week, we get the conversation started by taking a look back at a question we asked parents the week before on Patch Facebook pages from around the area.

That brings us to this week's question:

When it comes to your kids growing up, what worries you the most about their future?

Take a look at what people had to say and join the conversation in the comments section.

Donna Campbell: Fear children becoming "friends" with the wrong type of kids! — Batavia Patch Facebook

Julie Wlodarski Bruns: Just being happy. Between the stresses of school and sports and the competitiveness they seem to have now and bullying, I just want them to know that them being happy is all that matters. — Elmhurst Patch Facebook

Amy De Napoli: Bullying. Also the state we are leaving this planet (and nation) in for them to inherit. — Geneva Patch Facebook

Julie Farrell: The mistakes of their youth making everything that much harder when they're older. That and....them not doing what they need to do to be happy. — Glen Ellyn Patch Facebook

Maureen Brown Thomas: (Government) debt, debt and more debt. — Naperville Patch Facebook

Sherry Casavechia Manschot: I worry that every thing kids do today, good or not so good, is captured on FB, photos, videos...and are all online to follow them for years to come. It's tough for them to make mistakes these days. — Wheaton Patch Facebook

So what's your take? Tell us in the comments. 

DJP February 26, 2013 at 12:17 PM
Anyone who says they are worried about their children being bullied needs to stop making their children into victims and learn to stand up to those that feel superior. Honestly. I highly doubt if this question was posed to the "Greatest Generation" (WWII) they would say they were "afraid of their kids being bullied". We are turning into a nation of cry babies.
Mouse February 26, 2013 at 04:55 PM
Though I'm not a parent (thank God) I would probably say the quality of life from cost of living to the air they breathe is what would worry me most. We need to start fixing the problems now before they get too out of hand to handle!


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