Gay Marriage: Readers Respond to Wheaton Reps' Votes

Followers of the Wheaton Patch Facebook page respond to a post on how Wheaton's senators voted on the question of legalizing same sex marriage in Illinois. Tell us what you think in the comments.

The Illinois Senate approved legislation Thursday that would allow same-sex marriage in Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune

The Senate voted 34-21. The bill provides "equal opportunity for the same federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples that are currently awarded to other couples," according to a release from Illinois Sen. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant. 

Here's how Wheaton's state senators voted: 

  • 48th Senate: Michael Connelly (R), No 
  • 24th Senate: Kirk Dillard (R), No 

The following Wheaton Patch Facebook post on how Wheaton's representatives voted on the issue received more than a dozen comments:

Both Illinois Senators representing parts of Wheaton voted 'no' on same sex marriage last week. Do you agree with them?

Here is what people had to say:

  • Jon said, "NO - I don't agree with them."
  • Cindy said, "NO."
  • Kerry said, "Nope! I'm hoping that Jeanne Ives will follow the lead of Sen Jason Barickman (R) of Champaign... 'It EXPANDS religious freedoms because it allows those faiths that want to perform same-sex wedding to do so while protecting those faiths that do not from any legal repercussions. And the bill specifically grants assurances that they would not be penalized for refusing to hold same-sex weddings in their religious facilities.

    As a Chicago Tribune editorial points out today: 'That change won the support of Sen. Jason Barickman of Champaign, the only Republican to vote in favor of the bill. We hope Republicans in the House will be brave enough to support this for the reason cited by Barickman, because citizens 'want our government to give individuals freedom over their life decisions.' "
  • Bill said, "I do not agree, and will express my displeasure accordingly with Senators Dillard and Connelly the next time I cast my vote for State Senate."
  • Kirsten said, "NO!"
  • Gregg said, "I fully agree and support equal rights for all!"
  • Shelly said, "Shame on them!"
  • Tammara said, "No."
  • Lynn said, "I definitely do not agree."
  • Damian said, "Absolutely not."
  • Susan said, "I respect their decision to vote as they saw fit. I would have voted differently, but do not think they were wrong. Maybe government should get out of the marraige business."
  • Bob said, "Remember Senators Dillard and Connelly at the next election.......bye bye."
  • Joan said, "I do not agree with the state senators who voted no. I'm sad that they chose that decision."
  • Kevin said, "A vote against gay marriage is a vote against equal rights. It's that simple."
  • Jim said, " I'm a registered republican, I would have voted Yes, if Governemnt wants to be in the marriage business they must include same sex couples....now back to getting rid of Mike Maddigan."
  • Catherine said, "NO I do not agree with the votes of our IL senators representing Wheaton!"
  • Thomas said, "Yes,yes,yes.Man+ women=marriage."

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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John Ritchie February 19, 2013 at 05:19 PM
Same-sex "marriage" is wrong. How do I know? See this: http://www.tfpstudentaction.org/politically-incorrect/homosexuality/10-reasons-why-homosexual-marriage-is-harmful-and-must-be-opposed.html
Steven L. March 08, 2013 at 12:19 AM
While I do sympathize with homosexuals, same-sex marriage is a very bad idea. There are many reasons for saying that. I will just focus on one for now. It's bad for children. The best situation for a child is when s/he has both a father and a mother. Now, I know a lot of the time, families are broken up due to death, parents splitting up, etc. And when that happens, the grown-ups make the best of a bad situation. In a family with both a father and mother, both boys and girls learn from the mother and father. Children learn from dads about what it means to be a man. They learn how men should act and how they should treat their wives. Children learn from moms how women should act and how to treat their husbands. A lot of the societal ills and emotional problems have been traced back to the lack of either a dad or a mom. Even the arts reflect this. Children and grown children spend years, money and energy trying to locate missing dads or moms. That's even the premise of stories that celebrate "free love" like "Mama Mia".


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