Calling All Cheeseheads from Glen Ellyn. Patch Sincerely Wants To Know: What the Heck Are You Thinking?

Be loud and proud on Patch. Tell us what it's like being a cheesehead in Bears territory!

Here's a shout out to all Packers fans from Glen Ellyn.

GO BACK TO WISCONSIN! (Just kidding.)

Really, we want to know what you're thinking. What makes you tick? What force of nature allows you to wear yellow and green? Here's the deal, and the challenge: Send Glen Ellyn Patch your photos, preferably by adding them to this story. (Click the green "Add" button under the fans photo you see when you open this story. We're sure you can figure it out: It's green.) Or you can e-mail your photos to Glen Ellyn Patch Editor Matthew Hendrickson at matthew@patch.com. Please also include a few lines of copy.

We'd like to know: How did you end up a Packers fan? What brought you to Glen Ellyn? How do you feel about the Bears? Honestly. What will be the outcome of Sunday's game? (Predict the final score, please.) Where will you watch the game?

Please include your full name and contact information. I promise not to share any of it with the rest of the Free World, unless you want me to. Your photo and text will appear on Glen Ellyn Patch. Probably with a little editing for grammar and punctuation. (Just kidding!)


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