Cow, Horse and 2 Donkeys Join Cosley Zoo

Cosley Zoo announces its newest additions to the Cosley family.

announced the arrival of four new animals Tuesday: a Guernsey Dairy Cow, a Norwegian Fjord Horse, and two Miniature Donkeys.
According to a press release from the Wheaton Park District, the new Guernsey Dairy Cow is Holly, 7. Holly comes from a local dairy farm where she has given birth to several calves. She was a favorite at the dairy farm because of her friendly personality. Holly and the zoo’s Angus cow, Ember have already become fast friends.
Gretchen Birka, is a 10-year old Norwegian Fjord mare (female).  Gretchen comes from Northern Wisconsin, where she was raised alongside many other Norwegian Fjord horses, according to the release. One of the world’s oldest breeds, the Norwegian Fjord is believed to have been domesticated more than 4,000 years ago. While smaller in stature, the Fjord maintains a drafty or stocky appearance which makes them very versatile and hardy.  Fjords are usually a brown dun color and maintain primitive markings, which include a dorsal stripe and zebra striping on the legs.
The zoo welcomes two new miniature donkeys, Elmo and Jessie.  These donkeys resided on a farm in nearby Kane County where they were raised with llamas and goats.  Elmo and Jessie’s exposure to other unique animals has made them feel right at home at Cosley Zoo.  At 13 years of age, Elmo has experience with public settings.  In the past, he spent three summers visiting Lord’s Park in Elgin.  While 11 year old Jessie was more of a home-body, she is already enjoying all the attention zoo visitors are lavishing on her.
For more information, visit Cosley Zoo's website.


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