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Maximized Living Makeover with Dr. Mark A. Myers

The Maximized Living Makeover is a worldwide, life-changing event. One day, that affects hundreds of thousands of people. In February 2013, the MLMO will be focused on “RESOLVE: The Last Resolution You’ll Ever Need to Make.”

Join us for our Maximized Living Makeover on: February 2, 2013 at 9 a.m.

Hormones like insulin and leptin are the key to weight loss. When low-quality foods cause the overproduction and burnout of these hormones, weight loss becomes nearly impossible—regardless of caloric intake.

On February 2, Dr. Myers will host the Maximized Living Makeover event, “RESOLVE: The New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge.” This event will share the latest research behind healthful weight loss, so people can establish—and maintain—a proper weight.

This event offers a 30-day weight loss challenge, but it is not about body image. Rather, its goal is to reestablish the proper function of the human body. In its ideal state, the body regulates all processes and hormones efficiently. Everyday factors like poor nutrition, inactivity, mental stress and even poor posture interfere with the body’s capacity to function.

At the Make Over event, Dr. Myers will address a few simple concepts that will help people of all ages restore proper hormone function and manage weight naturally:

-How common food sources inhibit the function of leptin, the weight-loss hormone.

-Why traditional cardiovascular exercise encourages overeating and the storage of fat.

-How reparable irregularities in the nervous system can interfere with thyroid function.

-Why low-fat and non-fat foods cause steady weight gain.

-How sugar damages the function of insulin and the immune system.

Join thousands of people across the globe as we lose the crash diets, gym binges and guilt that fuel the New Year’s Resolution, and replace them with practical, deprivation-free nutrition plan, an exercise program that fits into your busy schedule and a level-headed approach to developing real heath that lasts all year. A cycle can’t be vicious if it is broken, and that is what we plan to do.

About Maximized Living, Inc. 

Maximized Living is a health delivery system working to fundamentally change the way people view and manage their health.  Through its network of 1,000-plus doctors, Maximized Living incorporates their 5 Essentials in promoting natural wellness programs, including: mental well-being, specific spinal correction, nutrition, exercise and detoxification.


About Wheaton Family Chiropractic Wheaton Family Chiropractic was established by Dr. Mark A. Myers, DC, in 2007 in Wheaton, IL. Dr. Myers has been in practice for 13 years and specializes in corrective care, with extensive knowledge in nutrition, exercise physiology, toxicity reduction, and disease reversal. A Maximized Living Chiropractor, Dr. Myers has also traveled nationally to work as official chiropractor for national sports teams. Check us out at www.WheatonChiropractic.com Spots are limited, so please sign-up your loved ones for this amazing opportunity today!

Register by emailing us at info@wheatonchiro.com or call the office at (630) 868.8480. 

Keep up to date on office events on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/WheatonChiro) and Twitter (@WheatonChiro)!

Wheaton Family Chiropractic | 416 E. Roosevelt Rd. Suite 101 | Wheaton | IL | 60189 | (630) 868-8480


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