Patch Picks: Picnic Spots

This week's Patch Picks features a few picnicking spots in Wheaton—and where to pick up a bed of flowers or a hanging plant for your date (or yourself—or anyone actually).

This week's Patch Picks: Picnic Spots

There are a lot of them—52 public parks, Cantigny, Herrick Lake, Blackwell—throw in a stop at the French market on a Saturday and you've got yourself a nice little Saturday planned. 

1. If you're a downtowner, try

2. If you're a wedding crasher, set up camp at  (while enjoying your own food).

3. If you're a nature lover, go to .

4. If you want privacy, go to the Lincoln Marsh Natural Area.

5. If you don't want privacy, go to .

6. If you have lots of kids that want to run around, go to Northside Park.

7. If you have teenage boys, go to Clocktower Commons: take a putter and a helmet (for the skate park next to the green).

8. If you aren't into packing a real picnic, to go Historical and get a hot dog

9. If you want to create some ambiance, or just spoil your date in time for gardening season, pick up some flowers and/or plants at the going on Thursday and Friday.

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