Megan Boken Funeral Homily: 'How Can There be a God?'

St. Michael Catholic Church Fr. Dan Hoehn honors Megan Boken at her funeral Mass Thursday morning.

At Megan Boken's , Fr. Dan Hoehn said a homily, on the existence of God in the face of tragedy and honoring her spirit.

Here are some of the excerpts from his homily:

"In the face of such a tragedy, there can be a number of responses. One of them can be to question the existence of God; to say, 'If something so obviously wrong can happen, then how can there be a God?'

"In fact, the existence of evil is the number one answer given by atheists when asked the reason for their un-belief. But to point to something and say, 'This is wrong' actually presupposes some underlying presumption that things should proceed in a certain way; that there is some universally agreed upon 'right' way, verses a 'wrong' way.

"If, in fact, there is no God, then everything is the result of blind random chance; the result of a 'Big Bang', or whatever theory you choose to propose. If everything is the result of blind, random chance, like tea leaves on the bottom of a cup, or like confetti on the ground that has been thrown in the air, then it would be very strange to say, 'Hey, these tea leaves are out of order”, or 'Hey, this confetti did form of a design.

"The fact that we all recognize that something is wrong – that some order has been disrupted – is evidence of a universal presumption that there is order in the universe. And if there is order, then there must be an Order-er."



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Barry Gram August 25, 2012 at 03:42 AM
As a Realist that understands that all religions are fictions and frauds, I must take issue with the confused Friar Dan Hoehn for using the tragic death of a young Wheaton woman to extol the virtue of his made up religion. First, the Friar clumsily attempts to speak for all non-theists by telling everyone the main reason for non-belief in the world is because of the existence of evil. Nonsense! All of these made up religions have been researched up, down, backwards, sideways, and thruways. They were all concocted by confused myth-creators and pass down to one gullible generation after the next. There is both order and chaos throughout the universe, a fact escaping the Friar and the Catholic Church. Both continue to bash reality and reason, even in the 21st century. God did not create the world and the universe; particle physics over time created the world and the universe. There is no such thing as God or religion. Only non-existent gods and made up religions. Favorite Realist Joke: A rabbi, a priest, and a Buddhist monk go into a bar. The bartender looks them over and says, "What's your poison?" All three, in unison reply, "Reason, of course!" Barry Gram, Carol Stream, Illinois
Jim McMahon August 25, 2012 at 05:02 AM
Is it reasonable to think the universe started through singularity ? The string theory ? The M theory ? A nano second before the big bang was it empty. Does your reptilian brain understand the quantum world better than any other primate. Did this girl have a soul, purpose or meaning, I think she does, the priest pointed out some basic things before a packed church not enough time to lay out his knowledge of the universe.
Barry Gram August 25, 2012 at 06:52 AM
To confused Mr. McMahon: When it comes to made up religion, one does not have to go throught one's life as a muddled mass of misinformation. The reason you think that slain young woman has a soul is that some authority from a made up religion probably told you that people have souls, since you were five years old, so you naturally believed it. All of these made up religions have their four foundations--wishful thinking, ignorance, deceit, and human gullibility. People put on the mantle of made up religion, otherwise they would wake up screaming in the middle of the night worrying about such things as eternal death, oblivion, and the meaningfulness and meaninglessness of life. Made up religion relieves anxiety and gives people hope--a totally fraudelent hope--but people will take hope anyway they can get it. Barry Gram, a former member of the made up religion of Christianity, Carol Stream, Illinois P.S. The made up religion of Catholic Christianity is as phony as their "Shroud Of Turin"--a piece of linen from the 11th century. The first forensic study was done right here in Chicago.
Jim McMahon August 25, 2012 at 07:34 AM
Well said Barry, but you did not answer my question, instead you redirected, and dropped a few one liners from your philosophy class in college. Bringing up the shroud of Turin was funny though, I got a chuckle from that. I don't have any confidence in Shroud of Turin, the debate over the carbon testing will eventually prove to be accurate if it is ever retested. As far as Ms Boken having a "soul" I guess that's not plausible in your world, so there is no point in debating that. The pastor was correct to extol Christianity given the fact that Ms Boken and her family are Catholic....it would seem more odd if he didn't. I don't think this thread is a good place for us to debate our opinions on life and death. Maybe some other time or place, until then let logic and peace guide your way.
Barry Gram August 25, 2012 at 08:26 AM
To Mr. McMahon: You theists always enjoy confusing issues and then blowing off non-theists. I'm a Realist I'm suppose to unconfuse you. First of all, my post was not meant "to debate our opinions on life and death" your exact words. My post was about Fr. Hoehn using the tragic murder of a young Wheaton woman to extol his made up religion and his simply goofy, unlogical way of proving that God exists, "because there is order, there must be an Orderer." This is his and always the Catholic Church's attempt to pass down their made up, flying Jewish carpenter that never existed to the next generation of gullible goofballs. (92% of the 1.8 billion Christians in the world have never read the Bible completely). "let logic and peace guide your way" The trouble, Mr. McMahon, is that in the last 35 years in the world, two-thirds of the violence and wars have been caused by one thing and only one thing--made up religion. From the 500 years of strife and war in Ireland between the members of the made up religion of Protestant Christianity and made up Catholic Christianity, to Iraq,to Afganistan,to the slaughter of 2 million Sunni and Shia Muslims fighting between themselves, to the partitioning of the country of Sudan just last year, and possibly the potential partitioning of Nigeria as well; all this hate, strife, maiming, and war over made up religions and you talk about peace? Odd indeed.
N Totire August 25, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Researched up, down, backwards, sideways, and thruways?? What books by what authors have you been reading?


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