DuPage Office of Education Addresses Race and Education

"Voices" addresses what African American and Hispanic students believe deters them from academic achievement.

With the issues of immigration, race and education at the center of the American political scene, the time is upon us to address the academic achievement gaps evidenced by African American and Hispanic students in our country.

The DuPage Regional Office of Education recently released a groundbreaking new work – Voices: African American and Hispanic Students’ Perceptions Regarding the Academic Achievement Gaps.

“This book provides a fresh look at the issue, as it captures what African American and Hispanic students believe deters them from reaching the full measure of the American Dream,” said DuPage Regional Superintendent of Schools Dr. Darlene Ruscitti. “The findings are an eye opening-look at racial and cultural realities as students address their situations with candor and poignancy.”

The book is a compilation of five years of student interviews conducted by DuPage ROE Academic Achievement consultants Dr. Lourdes Ferrer and Mr. Stephen Garlington, MSW, LCSW. In addition to student perceptions, the book offers 27 actionable recommendations for schools and communities to begin to address these issues and change the trends in student success.

“African Americans and Hispanics represent approximately 30% of the population in the United States and their numbers are increasing,” said Dr. Ferrer. “Their educational attainment and contributions to society will significantly impact the future of our country. It is a moral and national imperative to address these gaps for the betterment of these students and our nation.”

“Our greatest hope it that this book will fuel conversations regarding the academic achievement gaps. We simply cannot afford to allow these gaps to continue,” said Mr. Garlington. “The implications for educators, politicians and those concerned with the future of our nation make this issue of paramount importance to all.”

Information courtesy of a press release.

Dr. Bonnie Berryman-Gilliam July 12, 2012 at 07:01 PM
I am pleased to hear about the effforts the ROE put into researching the area of academic achievement. I volunteered as a mentor at my local high school (Glenbard North) a year ago as part of a program aimed at improving minority student participation in AP classes. I wonder how I might obtain a copy of the book. Will my local library have a copy? Dr. Bonita Berryman-Gilliam


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