DuPage County Helps With Ryder Cup Security

DuPage County officials helped keep everything and everyone in line last weekend at the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club in Bloomingdale.

DuPage County was instrumental in coordinating the public safety and emergency efforts for the Ryder Cup alongside local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.
“Safety was obviously a primary concern for all of us given the tragic events that have occurred recently throughout the world. I’m extremely proud of the work accomplished by the emergency team for ensuring the safety of the players, dignitaries and spectators. The event was extremely successful and I am grateful for their leadership,” said Cronin.
During the week-long event, DuPage County’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management staff worked alongside more than 30 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the Centralized Unified Command Post coordinating the public safety efforts.  Systems were in place throughout the venue to monitor crowds and traffic patterns to provide real-time intelligence to the command post personnel.  High tech communications and on-site emergency dispatch capabilities were also available to coordinate emergency response capabilities for the event that hosted approximately 400,000 attendees.
Prior to the Ryder Cup, County staff was heavily involved in planning the emergency and public safety entail for the past 13 months. County staff collaborated with law enforcement and fire rescue agencies in addition to representatives from North West Community Hospital that provided medical assistance. They practiced real-life emergency scenarios such as a medical emergency, fire or suspicious package.  Lessons learned from these exercises were then used to improve the developing plans.  The Ryder Cup planning and preparation also provided the opportunity for diverse agencies to work closely together; developing working relationships that will provide dividends for future events.
“The collaborative effort between these agencies has been wonderful. They developed special mutual aid procedures to use in case there was an emergency during the Ryder Cup. Fortunately, the event was extremely successful and safe for everyone involved. However, the additional training will enable all of these agencies to use the new procedures during other events or natural disasters,” said Cronin.
The preparation and collaboration was essential during the event as four attendees wound up lost while 32 attendees were transported to the hospital and 600 were treated and released onsite with medical conditions.
The security detail became an international collaborative effort as well. Government officials from Scotland were interested in learning about the procedures in place for the U.S. Ryder Cup since they will host the event in 2014.
“The Scottish contingency shadowed our agencies so they can bring these useful and successful procedures back with them as they begin to prepare for the Ryder Cup in 2014,” said Cronin. “The PGA officials have also been impressed with the security plan and said they will use it as a template for future events.”

Courtesy of a press release from DuPage County


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