What's the Best Bakery?

"Best of" features readers' picks for the best places around town. This week, we ask: where can we find the best paczki on Fat Tuesday?

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday—the one day we all have an awesome excuse to show up to work with a box of gooey, sugary, deep-fried dough creations for breakfast. What bakery in the area is a sure thing when it comes to finding the perfect baked goods?

Vote up your favorite spot, and let's see who from this list will win the title of Best Bakery:

Brickhouse Bakery & Cafe, 630-469,7667, 654 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn

Dessertz, 630-229-8175, 546 Crescent Boulevard, Glen Ellyn

Flour Barrel, 630-469-0563, 483 Main Street, Glen Ellyn

Harbor Express Cafe, 630-653-2468, 120 Liberty Drive, Wheaton

Honey, 630-469-0000, 499 Main Street, Glen Ellyn

Skylight Bakery Cafe, 530-517-8369, 105 Front Street, Wheaton

Suzette's Creperie, 630-462-0898, 211 Front Street, Wheaton


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