Alexander and Isabella Top the List of Most Popular Baby Names in Illinois

Alexander and Isabella were the most popular baby names in Illinois 2010, according to the Social Security website.

The Social Security Administration last week released its list of the top baby names of 2010. Isabella and Alexander topped the list for the most popular names in Illinois.

Here are the top ten baby names in Illinois in 2010:

Rank Boys Girls



Isabella 2 Jacob


3 Michael Olivia 4 Daniel Emma 5 Anthony Emily 6 Ethan Abigail 7 Jayden Ava 8 William Mia 9 Joshua Madison 10 Logan Grace

Similar names showed up in the last ten spots of the top 100 list, such as Mya, at no. 90 and Isabel at no. 98 on the girls list, and Ayden was no. 99 on the boys list. 


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