eMazeMe.com: Yelp Meets Pinterest!

Wouldn’t you love a site where you could bookmark all of your favorite businesses? Check out eMazeMe.com where you can build your master visual list of trusted places and providers that you can access anytime from anywhere. Founded by two Chicagoland entrepreneurs, this site allows you to request recommendations for new restaurants, doctors, salons, or any other service providers directly from the people you trust most. When someone suggests a business to you in conversation, simply add it to your list and have all of its information readily available. When you travel to a new city, view the list of a friend who lives there and you won’t even need to bug them for recommendations. When your boss asks for a hot new restaurant to try, access your eMazeMe list of go-to places. The benefits are endless! Go check it out and sign up. It’s free! Read more about what the local business community is saying: http://tech.co/emazeme-aims-disrupt-local-recommendations-space-2013-09


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