Opening Soon: Downtown Fast Food at The Stand

The restaurant is expected to open sometime in March if construction goes as planned.

Diners looking to get a quick bite to eat will soon have a new option in downtown Glen Ellyn.

The Stand will be opening sometime this spring and it is anticipated the restaurant, which is under construction now, could be open sometime in March.

The location, at 542 Crescent Blvd.—the former site of Express Press—is under construction and getting some major renovations, said Lisa Demos, who owns the business and will be managing the restaurant’s operations.

“Before I was married, I managed an Olive Garden so I have that to go back on,” she said. “We came about [the idea], I decided it was time for me to do something for the community and my family.”

After picking the brains of her family, they decided the restaurant would be a good option. In addition to Lisa Demos managing the restaurant, she said her children would be able to work at the restaurant and learn about business and how to manage crews.

The Stand will serve a variety of fast food items, including beef and sausage sandwiches, gyros, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, wings, breaded chicken and grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, vegetarian burgers.

The restaurant will have a generous amount of seating, with room for diners on the main floor and downstairs, she said.

With the high school and train depot nearby, Demos hopes the restaurant will benefit from people looking for a quick bite to eat. In addition, she said the restaurant will have beer and wine and might also draw moviegoers who want to stop for a meal before a movie.

Once the restaurant opens, Demos said she is hoping to use technology to help customers placing orders. She said she might incorporate text-ahead orders. But, all that will be determined once the restaurant is open.

Right now, the main concern is getting the construction completed. The space needed electrical and plumbing upgrades to take it from a print shop to a restaurant, she said. And, the façade is being renovated to bring it back to a classic brink storefront. The façade improvement was much needed, since the walls were falling down.

“I am really looking forward to getting in there and getting open,” Demos said.

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Alan January 08, 2013 at 02:12 PM
I always welcome a good restaurant. But I can't help to notice that just on the other side of the theatre, at the end of the block, there is already a fast food restaurant (with outdoor seating). Sans the bear and wine, the Stand pretty much described the menu of that same restaurant... I'm confused on the logic for the Stand. Now, if the Stand would open in downtown Wheaton, the success for that location, and the restaurant, would likely be much higher. After all, Wheaton will have its theatre open sometime in the near future, and the like. Nonetheless, best of luck to The Stand!!!!


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