New Women's Boutique Opens in Glen Ellyn

Dames & Damsels is a new shop in downtown Glen Ellyn located in the Little Shops near Main Street and Crescent Boulevard.

Dames & Damsels is a new boutique store for women in downtown Glen Ellyn, geared toward selling quality clothing at a reasonable price. 

The new boutique, located in the Little Shops near Main Street and Crescent Boulevard, is one of many women's clothing stores in the Wheaton and Glen Ellyn area. And owner Christopher Allison said he plans to separate himself from the rest by offering better pricing. 

"I'm not here to gouge people," said Allison. 

What customers won't see in Allison's store is an abundance of items. Dames & Damsels is not the store where customers have to dig through shelves to find articles of clothing. Allison wants to keep it simple and fresh by bringing in new items every few weeks instead of having a "cluttered" store. 

Allison opened the store on March 6 after moving back from Los Angeles. Allison grew up in the Chicagoland area and wanted to move back to be closer to family and friends but needed a reason to make the move. So Allison decided to open up shop after being encouraged by a friend and Glen Ellyn store owner to start his own boutique. 

"I just love fabulous things," said Allison. In his store customers will find trendy tops for any occassion and a accessories such as scarves, handbags and jewelry. 

Until April 1, first-time customers will receive 20 percent off their first purchase.

For more information on Dames & Damsels, click here.  


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