New Business Provides Transportation Services and Companion Calls for the Disabled and Elderly

Special Needs Chicago opens in Wheaton, providing wheelchair accessible transportation services and companion calls nationwide.

Special Needs Chicago recently opened at 507 S. Naperville Rd. in Wheaton to provide non-emergency, wheelchair accessible transportation services in the Chicago metro area, and companion calls for people nationwide. 

Special Needs Chicago’s client base is private pay individuals seeking transportation service for themselves or loved ones, and healthcare organizations and corporate entities outsourcing rides, or referring them to a reliable source, according to a press release from Special Needs Chicago.

“After 10 years coordinating transportation for seniors and people with disabilities, it’s clear to me that I want to focus my business on customer service, not sales volume,” Michelle Dacy, owner of Special Needs Chicago said in a press release. “People are not a number or line item on a spreadsheet. They are our patients, clients, family, loved ones and ourselves. It’s a privilege to do my job and my kids are proud of my venture.” 

Special Needs Chicago also offers companion calling services throughout the U.S. “The idea for companion calls came from talking to family members when we were coordinating their transportation.  Sometimes it’s a spouse in a caregiver role who wants to talk, other times it’s a family member who needs a kind person to chat with their loved ones,” Dacy said.

For family, companion calls are a light, friendly 10 minute conversation and can be scheduled 1, 3, 5 or 7 times a week. For the healthcare industry, reducing hospital readmissions is a hot-button issue right now. Companion calls as one-time or ongoing discharge follow-ups are an excellent way to bring those numbers down.  

In the U.S., approximately 65 million people are currently providing aid to loved ones in need. 55% of caregivers say they are overwhelmed by the amount of care their family members require. Further, Baby Boomers are increasingly becoming long-distance caretakers of elderly parents. The Baby Boomers are accustomed to paying for services and expecting high quality and results.

To find out more, go to www.specialneedschicago.org.

Courtesy of a press release from Special Needs Chicago


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