Popular Geneva Mexican Restaurant Plans Move to Glen Ellyn

The popular Mexican restaurant will make its move to downtown Glen Ellyn—likely at some point in July, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Geneva location of A Toda Madre. Credit: A Toda Madre Facebook page
The Geneva location of A Toda Madre. Credit: A Toda Madre Facebook page
A Toda Madre restaurant in Geneva will leave town for downtown Glen Ellyn at some point this summer, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

A Toda Madre, which is currently located at 416 W. State Street in Geneva, was opened by a team that created the popular Bien Trucha in Geneva and will move to 499 N. Main St. in Glen Ellyn, in a space that was formerly housed by Honey Cafe, according to the article. 

A Chicago Tribune critic reports the restaurant is a "nice get" for Glen Ellyn, which is a town "that's a little underserved, restaurant-wise," and the old space in Geneva will now serve as a concept kitchen for Bien Trucha. 

Bien Trucha recently made Thrillist.com's list of "Best Illinois Restaurants NOT in Chicago." 

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