Wheaton Author's Book, "Relax, It's Just Life!" Teaches Readers to Accept Themselves

Local author Warren Matson of Wheaton signed copies of his book, "Relax, It's just Life!" this weekend.

In a time of economic uncertainty, and growing emotional challenges, Warren Matson, an experienced clinical professional counselor, has published his new motivational book, “Relax, It’s Just Life!” in which he helps his readers learn how to navigate life by learning how to better accept themselves.

Matson held a book signing for Relax, It’s Just Life! Finding Healthy Control Through Self-Acceptance Sunday, in at in Wheaton.

In “Relax, It’s Just Life!” Warren writes in a down-to-earth, and approachable way, which encourages readers to believe that they have the ability relax and to face any challenge that come their way.  

“Everyone has issues, and everyone forms beliefs. Have you stopped to look at how you deal with the world, threats and stressors that come your way?” writes Warren, “Is the way you are dealing with things working for you? Are the actions you are taking getting you what you want?” he explains in the book.

Also in the pages of Relax, It’s Just Life! Matson helps his readers to confront the reoccurring themes that are happening in their lives. He says becoming aware of these themes opens the door to greater peace and a greater chance at acquiring out of life what one wants.   

“Peace comes from the knowledge that we cannot control the world outside of us, but we are aware that we can control ourselves. Peace comes from knowing who I am and accepting that, but also from knowing that no one can stop me from doing what I need to do, or follow­ing my convictions related to how I should live my life,” says Matson.

Relax, It’s Just Life! is an easy read.  Just 78 pages, and for a handbook that could be read easily in a weekend, it holds tools that can be used for a lifetime. 

Matson built the book on the foundation of over 20 years in practice. He tells his readers what he tells his clients – it is possible to relax and enjoy life when a person is willing to do the necessary work to accept themselves.  

Matson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice in Wheaton. His extensive experience working with some of the most difficult populations has helped him in developing his straightforward yet empathetic approach to clients. His openness, genuineness and sense of humor have aided him in creating an environment conducive to change, even in the most difficult situations.

For more information about Relax, It’s Just Life! please visit www.relaxitsjustlife.com, or like Warren Matson on Facebook at Relax! It’s Just Life.  

Information courtesy of a press release.

julie manny June 12, 2012 at 05:47 AM
A very smart man with great advice! Everyone needs to read this book.
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