Wheaton Celebrates Rich History During Preservation Week

Residents can learn about their hometown during Preservation Week, Sept. 10-17.

The Historic Commission invites all residents to join in celebrating Wheaton Preservation Week Sept. 10-17, 2011. The commission is partnering with other organizations in Wheaton to celebrate Wheaton’s unique history.

Wheaton Landmarks: Pride in Preservation

Each year during Wheaton Preservation Week, purple “Pride in Preservation” signs highlight structures and sites throughout the community as Wheaton historic landmarks. Landmarks include businesses, churches, parks and more than 130 Wheaton houses. Selection is based upon criteria in three areas: historical significance, architectural design and age. The Wheaton Historic Preservation Council began the marking program in 1980.

Be on the lookout for purple “Pride in Preservation” signs around town from Sept. 10-17 as Wheaton celebrates Preservation Week and its many historic landmarks.

The Wheaton Register of Historic Places:

This year’s special honoree is the Robert R. McCormick Museum at Cantigny, in celebration of its addition to the Wheaton Register of Historic Places by the City of Wheaton Historical Commission. 

The Wheaton Register of Historic Places consists of sites and structures officially designated since 2001 by the City of Wheaton Historic Commission in recognition of their significance to the history of Wheaton. These sites are marked with permanent interpretive markers and/or featured in the Wheaton Register of Historic Places on the City of Wheaton website. 

All Wheaton residents will receive free admission to Cantigny Park on Wednesday, Sept. 14. Cantigny includes the estate of Robert R. McCormick (1880-1955), known today as the Robert R. McCormick Museum. This is a historic house museum that depicts the country home of a family that made the Chicago Tribune the “World’s Greatest Newspaper.” Tours of the McCormick Museum are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. See the McCormick Museum website for more information: www.cantigny.org/museums/mccormick/tour/default.aspx.

Be a Home History Sleuth! Display at the  

Interested in learning more about your old home – when it was built, what architectural style it is, or who used to live there? The Wheaton Public Library is a great place to start the investigation! 

The Reference Department, in conjunction with the City of Wheaton Historic Commission, has compiled materials to help guide your research. A selection of resources will be on display at the library during Wheaton Preservation Week and throughout the month of September.

History All Around You: Wheaton Preservation Week Partners

Wheaton has an abundance of history-minded places! Some will be offering special programs or activities during Wheaton Preservation Week, but they all invite you to see what they have to offer.

  • The City of Wheaton Historic Commission
  • Friends of the Pioneer Cemeteries
  • Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections


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