Ray Graham Association Partners With Walgreens for Employees With Disabilities

Partnership with Walgreens in the Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative (REDI) helps employees with disabilities prepare for work in retail environment.

The Ray Graham Association joined Walgreens in the Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative, REDI in January, according to a press release from the Ray Graham Association. REDI, now a national program, offers a hands-on training experience for people with disabilities to prepare for employment in a retail environment.

The program’s goal is to prepare qualified candidates for employment at Walgreens retail locations, as well as employment with other retailers that require similar skills. Walgreens works closely with organizations like Ray Graham Association to prepare participants for responsibilities that include cash register operations, customer service, merchandising, store inventory and maintaining store signage and displays. 

The partnership between Ray Graham Association and Walgreens includes four locations in the western suburbs; Addison, Aurora, Willowbrook, and Bloomingdale. With an anticipated enrollment of 40 participants, Ray Graham Association is committing staff and resources to ensure the success of the externs. 

President and CEO of Ray Graham Association, Kim Zoeller, said in a statement, “Walgreens is a leader and values the benefits of hiring people with people intellectual and developmental disabilities and as an organization we place a high priority efforts that result in employment."

Illinois State Representative Patricia Bellock (R, 47th) said in a statement, "I am thrilled to see that our local Walgreens will be working with the Ray Graham Association in teaching wonderful job skills to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative (REDI) is a fantastic program and we're happy to see it implemented in Illinois and preparing so many deserving candidates in our area."

Walgreens launched REDI in Illinois in November 2011. The in-store extern training program is designed to help people with disabilities gain retail and customer service skills.  Walgreens provides extensive training to participating externs and Ray Graham Association staff who supplement the program with Job Coaching support. 

"Through REDI, we are allowed to provide an opportunity for people to show us skills they have, that otherwise may have gone unnoticed," said Walgreens General Manager of Willowbrook location Wayne Buerger.

For more information on Ray Graham Association and the services we provide to nearly 2,000 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their fmailies, please call (630) 620-2222 or visit us on the web atwww.raygraham.org.  

George February 19, 2013 at 04:37 PM
BOYCOTT !!! Walgreens got a 46 million dollar tax break to bring jobs to Illinoiis only to outsource their entire network dept to India putting 200+ High end IT Employees out of work. Illinois should revoke the tax break and Illinois residents should boycott them for pulling a fast one on the voters in Illinois! Complete BS


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