Glen Ellyn Family Living in Japan to Head Home

The Breun Family is headed home to the United States today.

Glen Ellyn's Breun Family is finally headed home today, after the city they were living in in Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Patty and her son's, Drew and Ben, made it to South Korea recently and are now headed back to the U.S. today, according to their Facebook page. 

Two years ago, Patty and her sons moved to Japan when she got an opportunity to teach English. Patty's husband Andy stayed in the States because he could not leave his job. Andy left Chicago just after the disaster to help bring them home.

According to a Facebook page set up to collect  a relief fund for the family, they were living in Kessunama City in the Miyagi Prefecture when a 30 ft. tsunami hit their city. The family was in high ground in a school at the time. 

Everyone is safe, and that's the important part. Welcome home, Breuns.


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