60-Degree Thanksgiving Forecasted in Wheaton

Your Thanksgiving football could be shirts-and-skins as temperatures will remain remarkably warm throughout this week.

Call it global warming, call it coincidence, but even as we march towards the end of November—a time for snow, some might say!—we are instead seeing temperatures that look more like outdoor-sports weather.

If your Thanksgiving Day plans involve football in a Wheaton park, you will likely be enjoying some quite warm weather for the season; don't wear more than a T-shirt. And in general, keep the heavy clothing packed away... at least until Friday night (projected at below freezing.)

Here's your weather:

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy through the day and into the night. High 50s during the day, low of 40 at night.

Wednesday: Sunny, with areas of dense fog during the day, mostly clear at night. Low 60s during the day, mid 40s at night.

Thursday: Partly sunny and breezy during the day, with a 20 percent chance of rain and a high near 61, partly cloudy at night with a 50 percent chance of rain. Low 60s during the day, low around 38 at night.

Friday: Mostly sunny during the day, partly cloudy at night. Low 40s during the day, high 20s at night.

Saturday: Mostly sunny during the day, partly cloudy at night. High 30s during the day, mid 20s at night.

Sunday: Mostly sunny during the day, mostly clear at night. Low 40s during the day, low 30s at night.


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