Will you Foster Bandit???

Casey's Safe Haven needs a foster home for a very special guest. Bandit is a 10 month old yellow lab / hound mix that was shot in the hind leg.  It is not uncommon for farmers in this area to shoot dogs that are on their property.  The vet arrived one morning to find Bandit tied to his door.  Bandit could not walk on his hind leg and was clearly in pain.  An x-ray revealed that he had been shot and that his bone was shattered.  One of our rescue partners, Lisa Weathers, posted his picture in hopes that a rescue would commit to the surgery that was needed to save his leg.  We took one look at his face and their summary of his gentle nature and knew this guy needed our help. With Lisa Weathers help we had his x-rays reviewed by a vet that could do the complex orthopedic surgery.  They agreed to do the surgery and to board Bandit during his recovery.  Our bill was estimated to be $850 which is a fraction of the cost it would have been to have this surgery in Chicago.  Bandit also needed to be neutered, HW tested and a booster shots. The day of surgery arrived and another test was needed to confirm there had been no movement from the first x-ray.  The vet called with great news....Bandit was healing himself and had built enough bone regrowth that surgery was no longer the best option.  Bandit was put in a cast and has been kept quiet for the last two weeks.  This quiet time will allow the bone to finish mending and he will be able to transition to a soft cast.  Bandit should make a full recovery though he may experience arthritis earlier than other dogs.  EVERYONE that meets this dog just LOVES him. 

Did I mention this boy is huge?  We are looking for a foster family to open their home to Bandit until we can find his forever home. 

We pay for everything...crate, vetting, food, toys...you provide LOVE!

Please email Kathy at Caseysdogs@yahoo.com if you can open your home to Bandit as a foster, or to adopt.



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