Help the Milton Township Food Pantry

Milton Township Residents,

My name is Yadav “Nick” Nathwani and I am a newly elected Trustee for the Milton Township Board.  Years ago the trustees were called auditors because their principle role was to approve the bills, set elected officials salaries, and generally set policy for the administration. One reason I ran was to set a new tone of leadership that goes beyond what we are mandated to oversee. I wanted to be a part of the good programs Milton Township operates 365 days a year.  We operate cemeteries, senior programs, a youth committee, and the largest CERT team in Illinois. But my focus today is on our 501C Food Pantry.  All contribution, whether in cash or in kind are fully tax deductible.  No tax dollars are used for the pantry.

Our Pantry is run right out of our N. Main Street Office. We are the little guys under the radar and dwarfed by operations like “Peoples Resource” and food pantry. Despite little publicity and corporate support we have operated for over 15 years faithfully serving over 400 people a month basic food stuffs.  All donations go to food, not overhead.  Ever dollar donated by hundreds of individuals goes directly into purchasing food from the Northern Illinois Food Bank at pennies of what donors could buy food at the store for. We are State Certified, volunteer staffed, and a community resource you might just feel great about supporting.

I wanted to ask if your business, community organization, school, or faith based congregation would help us raise the funding this year to feed those 400 plus hungry persons. Most of our clients are the kids of shattered homes and seniors caught between paying enormous health care and prescription needs or eating healthy food. We thrive on small donors; people who will never miss their gift, people like you who are rewarded so much more than they give because they are part something good we all can share.  The present economic conditions have directly affected many people in our Township, if you are able to help the time is now. 

Food may be dropped off at and donations sent to Milton Township Food Pantry, 1492 N. Main Street, Wheaton, 60187.  For more information, call us at (630)668-1616 and ask for Jackie Jones, Senior Case Worker.


Yadav “Nick” Nathwani

Milton Township Trustee

William Heath October 31, 2013 at 08:10 AM
Yes, by all means lets be fair. The so called "valued employee" and we all know who he is, has an axe to grind with Milton Township. When this individual was refused a job at the township he started showing up at government meetings with his video camera and posting them to youtube as he has stated above. You should know there large gaps in the dates and he edits the youtube videos to make them look like something they are not. It's an old trick used by individuals to mislead the public. What's really sad here is the food pantry helps many less fortunate people -- why is this person attacking a very valuable and needed resource within Milton Township? Not to mention the employees who work so hard to keep the food pantry going and help the needy. It makes no sense and it really leaves you scratching your head and wondering what's in the person's mind and heart.
O.B.A. October 31, 2013 at 09:45 AM
It is really sad when someone helpful and kind posts looking for much needed help for the local Food Pantry, that helps so many local Families be able to have food on the table, and someone has to comment negative about it. This sure was/is not the place to take Your frustrations out on Milton Township and still shocks Me that the Editor allows it to continue. THE FOOD PANTRY IS NEEDED TO HELP LOCAL PEOPLE. Unless You plan to "feed" these Families who need food to eat, maybe You should take Your anger out personally in the Township meetings where it should be handled and not on here.
Valued Employee November 02, 2013 at 04:19 PM
KILL the MESSENGER, WAVE THE FLAG and ignore the published facts. I didn't cause the problems at Milton township, nor I have any political or monetary gain in what I am doing. The videos and published facts out in public tell the story far better then the clumsy ad hominem attacks you see here, in order to deflect away from the real issues by those posting, who are very likely highly paid principles in this story. 1 Recommend


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