Apply for Scholarship to 2-Day College Application Workshop

Get FREE access to our Elite Workshop on the college application process.

Our Elite Workshop is an intensive 2-day “camp” for highly motivated seniors, eager to get a leg-up on the applications process. This small group program is led by two of our expert college mentors, both ivy league alums with admissions experience.  We'll guide and prepare you for every step of the application process - school selection, personal statement, interview.. the works!  Through carefully-crafted modules designed to illuminate and inspire, students will walk away with practical skills they can leverage to construct a successful application. 

Simply fill out an application, and you'll be entered to win a FREE spot in our workshop.  The workshop will be held Nov 2-3rd at NextSpace Coop in Chicago.  We can only take 10 students for each workshop, so sign up now!

Click Here to Apply!


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