Adoptable Pet of the Week: Phoebe!

Phoebe, a Pharaoh Hound/American pit bull terrier mix, loves people. Can you give her a forever home?

Can you provide Phoebe with a forever home? (Photo courtesy of Wheaton Animal Hospital in Glen Ellyn)
Can you provide Phoebe with a forever home? (Photo courtesy of Wheaton Animal Hospital in Glen Ellyn)

Information provided by Wheaton Animal Hospital in Glen Ellyn.

When Phoebe met Jeff Jenkins, one of the best trainers around, from Found in Chicago, he said she is wonderfully trained and is just missing one thing: An experienced owner.

Jeff is willing to continue to work for free with whomever adopts Phoebe. What more can you ask for? Phoebe is in desperate need of a family that will love her like she loves herself. She may not like other dogs, but she loves loves loves people. 

Phoebe went to training classes and is doing extremely well. She learned how to walk extremely well on a leash. She sits, and she loves to have her belly rubbed. With the energy she has she would be perfect for someone that loves to run or walk a lot. 

She will look at you for approval, with her beautiful eyes and floppy ears. Phoebe is a special 6 1/2-year-old girl with energy to run. In her whole life all she had was a month in a home. 

She loves people and kids and is in training with other dogs and is doing very well might I add! We are very proud of Phoebe. She needs to go to a home with a high fence because she love to hunt and play so she can easily jump a lower fence. Please please find it in your heart to give Phoebe the best home she deserves. Start by filling out an application.

Pat Stryszak
9050 Elm Ave     
Burr Ridge, IL. 60527

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