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Gerard Schilling May 30, 2014 at 01:22 pm
Just a grab bag to gain income for the city and pay overtime to the cops. Anybody who thinks theseRead More programs are being done for altruistic and safety reasons need their heads examined. BTW the same holds true for the illegal DWI road blocks also funded by the state which is us.
Max Smart May 30, 2014 at 02:08 pm
Yep! The public is SO gullible!
JanS April 17, 2014 at 04:50 pm
By the way, the 2011 bill that called for smart grid and smart meters, was also an employment billRead More "utility shall create 2,000 full-time equivalent jobs in Illinois" and a "green energy" bill. No wonder our electric rates are sky rocketing. see the bill http://ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/97/097-0616.htm
billy April 16, 2014 at 07:58 am
Yes Jan, but unlike your Doctor there is NO second opinion available - just the 3rd party contractorRead More pull up to residence, jerks out the old meter, shoves in the new SmartMeter and drives off. Unlike in the Doctor's operating room where vital signs are monitored afterward before calling the change or repair of organ is complete. Plus the Doctor has followup visit(s) to confirm the continuing health of the resident (patient).
JanS April 16, 2014 at 10:49 am
I plan to petition the Illinois state legislature to stop all mandatory deployment of Smart metersRead More (also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)) immediately and to forbid any surcharge for those not accepting a smart meter. Smart meters are too costly, provide little if any benefits to the customer, and there are unresolved issues of safety and privacy. We further petition that the requirement for the electric provider to hire more full time employees as set forth in Public Act 097-0616, which authorized the Smart Meters deployment be rescinded.
watchdog2 April 28, 2014 at 09:59 am
Did you petition the state legislature yet? What happened?
Jim Szell March 11, 2014 at 07:46 pm
Even worse, Chicago Tonight is reporting that the teachers' union and other Democratic supportingRead More unions are encouraging their Democratic Party members to vote for Dillard in the Republican primary. Of course they will pull all of this money and support from Dillard in the general election. Just when you think politicians and their cronies couldn't get any more slimy, they find a way to trump themselves. If only we had an Attorney General who would go after all this political corruption. Oh wait, all roads lead to daddy, so guess this won't happen.
JanS March 12, 2014 at 06:10 pm
Champion news has a list of Republicans who are suportted by the unionsRead More http://www.championnews.net/?p=136640
JanS July 1, 2013 at 02:08 pm
BTW: Sponsors are: House Sponsors Rep. - Mike Fortner R - West Chicago - Al Riley D- Hazel Crest,Read More - Ron Sandack R - Downers Grove - Darlene J. Senger R - Naperville - Barbara Flynn Currie D - Chicago Senate Sponsors Sen. - David Koehler D - Peoria - Linda Holmes D - Aurora
JanS May 15, 2013 at 03:40 pm
It was an Algai Bloom. The color was like the one on this page describing one.Read More http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algal_bloom
RobertB May 13, 2013 at 08:02 pm
The charter school process is flawed and deeply corrupt. That's the problem. The charter commissionRead More receives a 3% kickback from the schools they approve - giving them an incentive to approve bad schools. In the case of the Illinois Virtual Charter School plan - they are asking for $8,000 per student for a school that is not even brick-and-mortars. Why? And if the student leaves the virtual school (K12, Inc's drop out rate is very high), the virtual school keeps the tax dollars while the public school takes on the responsibility of educating the child without the tax dollars allocated in that process. Again, why? I think this is a tax grab and one that should be investigated. It is bad enough that we have some failing public schools but why should I pay tax dollars to support a bad school online?
Veritas Maximus March 27, 2013 at 01:16 am
Bzzzzt. Wrong again! The 2011 state contribution to TRS was $2.17 billion, not $2.7 billion. IfRead More JanS makes $530 MILLION errors in math, I don't know what business she has getting onto the school board.
Veritas Maximus March 27, 2013 at 01:16 am
Before I'm labelled part of the "conspiracy" (lies!) here is the data:Read More http://trs.illinois.gov/subsections/pubs/cafr/fy12/intro.pdf
JanS March 27, 2013 at 03:05 am
Thank you for correcting the data. You are right the data I found was not for 2011. I found it onRead More page 15 of http://trs.illinois.gov/subsections/general/Buck_2011_valuation_rept.pdf It is $2.7 million from the 2011 actuary report, but the data was 2013 required contributions. Using your data $2.17 Billion for 2,066,692 students is $1,050/student. Adding the $11,529 operating costs per student results in an actual cost of $12,579 per student total cost in 2011.
Veritas Maximus March 25, 2013 at 11:45 pm
"March 2008, income of $58 million in the construction fund (Hubble) . Total fund balanceRead More would have been negative in May without this." Huh? Yes, in March 2008, the district received the proceeds of the Hubble bond sale, and also began paying out construction contracts in roughly the same amount. If one constructs a hypothetical cash flow with all of the expenses, but none of the revenue, well then yes you're going to come up with a negative number. That is not conspiracy. That is subtraction. That is also meaningless.
JanS March 26, 2013 at 04:46 am
I converted the graph to a JPG and it posted. In 2008, if you exclude the construction bond money,Read More and the construction payments, there would not have been enough money to make payroll that May.
JanS March 26, 2013 at 04:49 am
Yes, I agree with the above points. The district has been struggling with cash flow for years. But,Read More the incumbents have been on the board since 2001 or 2002 and we were not struggling back then.
Erin R March 22, 2013 at 01:58 am
Parents are trying to opt out of all the data that is collected and tracked as part of Common Core.Read More I have seen that some school districts in Illinois have already responded that opt out is not an option. The privacy of school records that we once enjoyed have recently been loosened. Parents now live in a 'brave new world.' My child's special ed advisor told me that she has no way of knowing who will see this data for my son. Now, I just don't disclose anything about my son to his advisors anymore. It is not helpful to my son to have to hide things from them...
Poly March 23, 2013 at 02:03 am
I too was perturbed when I got the Jefferson email from Lisa Wagner in Jan. and I also asked how sheRead More got it and was told it was through FOIA. But I was really ticked off when I got something from Barb Intihar (and it said I got it because I had supported her previously.) Since I am new to the area I new this could not be true. She got it through FOIA. I too talked to Dr. Rammer about the policy. I moved here recently from another state and there email addresses were a closely guarded secret (as they should be.) I am a member of the Newcomer's Club. Since I am on their mailing list every day I get emails about people selling misc. kids items, jewelry etc. Perhaps I should make a FOIA request of my own and share the info with these entrepreneurial women. And when I run for school board I will know where to look for info about my future constituents!
Veritas Maximus March 25, 2013 at 10:16 pm
People going around the internet posting teachers' personal information are now all of a suddenRead More concerned about their own privacy? (eye roll)
JanS March 1, 2013 at 04:53 pm
Visit the Illinois legislative webpage, http://www.ilga.gov/ to find contact information for your ILRead More senator. Michael Connelly represents Wheaton (217) 782-8192
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