CUSD 200 still gaming the system

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JanS May 14, 2014 at 12:21 am
Another idea our table had was to outsource technology support. A friend sent the following commentRead More via email: Hire IT Corporation for all technology, i.e. HP, IBM or others. Provide part time office space for manager instead of the two present IT Directors. Corporate services include providing computers, pads, WiFi, and all training of staff in use and training of others in use of all IT equipment. Only with CUSD200 guidelines will any computer be replaced with current model by user's request, typical a five year cycle, not every time M/S or Apple introduce a new model or operating system. IT vendor to manage the district wide server, backups and cloud backups, centralizing system wide programs like Office for access by all CUSD200 technology with group licenses and updates of those central systems during planned overnight downtimes. Investigate for cost advantages grouping/joining local/county/state municipal/government/parks/schools IT support contracts. This would change the current policy of all duplicating investing in-house IT staff with stupid 'no cost and service advantages' - i.e. in SP/Dow Jones corporations these are known cost savers as 'National Contracts with IT vendors'. Examples of these 'We do my own IT thing' are within easy walking distances of CUSD200 offices and the small suppliers love their high profit margins in promoting their latest and greatest new technology in monthly sales calls to those many in-house IT organizations. There are some reasons companies and corporations succeed and continue to grow and make profits, but wasting monies on buying latest and greatest IT is a loser!
marge hogan May 15, 2014 at 10:48 am
I like the idea of online text books. If you have a reading disability - dyslexic, hearing the textRead More while seeing the printed words helps the student compete in the classroom. Glen Ellyn school district does this for Social Studies - 8th grade.
billy April 17, 2014 at 03:14 pm
Pathetic Engage200 meeting of seeking CPR help with 70% failed Jefferson Levy and listening toRead More Student Furniture Salesman (former used cars) pitching replacing existing student's desks including Hubble. By the Book the current price for same Jefferson replacement is $20,000,000 before any interest. Perhaps almost every resident remembers Hubble at $30,000,000+ interest that is part of the yearly $8,000,000+ interest payments. Further comparison of the two schools included good yearly; Fire/Life Safety Inspections, Boiler/Pressure Vessel Inspections, Roofing Maintenance Programs and Asbestos Management. Jefferson (and any other public building) has the need upon any remodeling work beginning including required compliance with ADA requirements to accommodate those students with special needs, i.e. wider bathroom doors, wheelchair accommodations and all the minor modifications we see everyday in other buildings. Doubt anyone has seen a single building anywhere ripped to the earth to accommodate special needs? Federal ADA laws are for modification of existing buildings NOT demolitions!
billy February 16, 2014 at 09:57 am
A not hidden point about the defeat of the Jefferson 'Solution' was the needed facility changes -Read More still needed - are the same that all facilities went through when American with Disabilities Act became law in 1990 - all facilities must be MODIFIED to allow access to those involved. This was NOT a mandate to tear down a single building and develop a NEW facility. Sure many Engineering Contractors are ready to design from a leveled lot and a clean sheet of drafting paper, a new facility at $17,000,000 and keep reminding CUSD 200 that the cost has risen to now some $20,000,000 - how would you like to have that President of Engineering Contractor calling every two weeks repeating the inflation costs. But wait the voters saw through that smoke and mirrors and there was no reasonable proposal of say just remodeling Jefferson per ADA guidelines, for say $1,000,000 without any demo of Jefferson ! By the way the continuing debt from leveling old Hubble is $16,793,000 for 2013/2014 with same projected for next 5 years at least. Are we glad we dodged that Jefferson bullet ?
unheard February 17, 2014 at 10:13 am
I apologize since this is off topic. I keep hearing that what many parents would love to see isRead More much less spent on technology! My children say WWSHS buys new technology which is hardly used at all and then replaced. How about an activity bus for WWSHS? It seems that district 89, down the road in Glen Ellyn understands the importance of this. Many more children can then participate in after school activities which is so beneficial in numerous ways, even safety wise.
billy February 17, 2014 at 11:35 am
Hurray, someone of many that understand CUSD 200's 'Technology' is just a word, not a subject, not aRead More graduation medal, not a job entry point, just a modern sharpened wood pencil or ink pen and ink well. Now with more than one 'CUSD 200 Technology Managers" paid among the highest 20 in Wheaton Schools one can understand the need to give every teacher a laptop, have 'smart ??? white boards' and WiFi in all 22 buildings. Of course those same managers need to yield to computer super salespeople that emphasize that all 'Technology' re-invents every 3 years according to 1965 Moore's by Gordon Moore, so you have to replace that obsolete junk with new. I had worked at a DJ corporation that took a few cycles to understand the former Used Car Salesperson selling 'Technology' was full of themselves and wasting our $$$. Please try to attend Wednesday, 2/19, 7-9pm, Monroe Middle School and give some real life to CUSD 200 fable 'Technology.'
Wheaton Watcher February 21, 2014 at 06:41 pm
That is right billy, nothing like that. It would be hard to ignore 150 protestors walking up andRead More down the side walk outside your house 14 days in a row. Then taking a break, just to restart again 1 week or 2 later. That should piss off the neighbors, and make CUSD members pirahs! Maybe having 200 cars parked outside board member venues. None of this though for tea partiers. Better to pontificate and feel smug about oneself. Need to keep it legal, but disruptive.
Wheaton Watcher February 21, 2014 at 06:58 pm
Another tactic could be to have 150 tea partiers show up during the public comments period. EachRead More say the same thing! Do it every month indefinitely. Stretch the meeting out until 3 or 4 am! The board members have to pee sometime, and they normally don't schedule pee breaks. Eventually, when they are at their real job the next day, they will be so tired, they will eventually be worn down, and say screw it. I am not being paid for this. But no, tea party members would rather POP than do anything imaginative, or requiring real discipline or effort. Watch movies about the Civil Rights Movement for ideas!
billy February 26, 2014 at 08:15 am
As Engage200 next meeting March 26 is 'Programs & Services', one wonders how many wet and moldyRead More classrooms will be cleaned and repaired by Services. Understand these classrooms are now closed and classes moved elsewhere, BUT mold spores are not confined by closed doors BUT are circulated within buildings and students' and teachers' breathing zones. Does Services concentrate on moldy rooms to restore health in buildings before the annual Illinois 'Health/Life Safety Annual Public School Inspection Checklist (Fire Service)'?
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